Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Basic Red

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We all own it and love it.
It mixes and matches with everything.
It is the staple to every wardrobe.

do you find yourself thinking that everything you own is black and every time you go shopping you come home with something else black to add to your closet?

It's okay.
You've probably made some wise choices and now all you need to do is spice them up
with one of the trending colors for fall  -  red.

Carolina Herrara

Add red accessories to an all black outfit to bring an updated edge to your look.

You know you want it.

Here are a few suggestions to further tempt you.

A red handbag...

The OMG option from Valentino

$3795 from

Swoon Worthy version

Lodis $298 

or the Guilt Free take that is on sale from Michael Kors for $49.00!

Turn heads by adding a dashing red vest to your weekend look.

OMG from BurberryBrit $495

available at

Swoon Worthy

Patagonia $160 from

Guilt Free

London Fog available at $89.00

Red shoes are a definite attention getter.
Dorothy knew how great red shoes can make you feel and so should we.
A classic red pump adds instant style to a pair of jeans, a black work pant, or that unexpected dazzle to an evening look.
Tres Chic.

Consider these if you will...

OMG version

Christian Louboutin $625.00

Swoon worthy

Ivanka Trump via $130.00

Guilt Free

Target $30.00

Red. It works as a neutral. It could be the new basic. Basic Red.

Happy shopping,


  1. Fun new blog... I will LOVE this.
    And that Valentino bag... OMG.. Fabulous, but that is a car @ my house (or was when we had college kids : ) & shoes from Target?? who would have thought?? I never, ever go there, (& it is only about a mile from my house )... I need to check it out..
    Thanks for sharing...

  2. I have been obsessed with red pumps! Or even flat red shoes. Haven't found THE PERFECT ONES!