Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Coming Into Our Own Sense of Style

BeColorful Life is a blog I have been contemplating writing for well over a year.  I already publish another blog on Typepad, called BeColorful, that focuses on home decor, and my own painted furniture and accessories. I am new to blogger and trying to learn how things work here so please bear with me as I stumble through these initial posts.

I chose to create a fashion blog because of all the great images I was collecting via the internet and what better way to share them with friends.  When I was a teenager I just copied whatever styles I saw in the fashion magazines. I was a mindless follower.

Then, after I became a mom I had very little discretionary money to spend on my own wardrobe. Besides, it was much more fun to buy something cute for the kids. I was a slave to whatever boring basics I was able to accrue or the generous birthday and Christmas gifts from others.  I didn't have time to read the fashion mags.  Pinterest and blogging were still in the distant future. My exposure to what was trending or current was what I saw in the local department stores. If I liked it on the mannequin and they had one in my size on sale it was more than likely what would come home with me in my shopping bag. I was beginning to learn what worked best for my body type but I was still jumping on the fad wagon.

Now, I am a fifty something woman with the luxuries of more time to call my own,  the ability to finally travel a bit more ( code for better shopping) and now have the whole wide digital world of fashion blogs and retail websites at my fingertips.

It is hopefully true that with age comes wisdom. I used to think that fifty was the hand on the door knob of the retirement home.  I know better now. :D
Every age is beautiful.

I truly believe that
but I also recognize that each chapter in our lives offers uniquely different fashion challenges.
 I do not want to look like I shopped my daughter's closet

 and I also do not want to look like I threw in the towel and joined the ranks of the  ladies you see on over-the-hill birthday cards dressed in ."World's Best Grandma" sweatshirts and  donning Crocs and baggy crop pants.

Don't let this happen to you because ladies, we still have it going on!

Let's own it.

Sometimes, we just want a bit of help reinventing things we already own or help targeting our new seasonal must haves so we can all leave the house every day looking this good.

My goal is to hopefully bring to you what is trending, chic and timely for our fabulous fifty something selves.

Stay tuned for 
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  1. Yea... even though I am sort of new to "Grandmotherhood" ( & I still hate the name Grandma : ) You will NEVER, EVER see me in a "Grandma sweatshirt" EVER!!! Not when I am 90....
    I want to look like that last pic you posted...
    I will enjoy this... I can just follow you & your style tips... Thanks for sharing...