Monday, July 29, 2013

It's Going To Be A Great Ride

        Welcome to a 50ish life.

How lucky am I to be at this point in my life?
I have a stylish and savvy twenty something daughter that always inspires me with the confident approach she brings to her uniquely sporty, glam style. Then I have this equally fabulous and chic seventy something mom that continues to turn heads with her tastefully paired, colorful, and age appropriate approach to the trends. These two are the heart and soul when it comes to the women in my world.

I inherited my love of fashion from one and passed it on to another. Now, as it should be, we learn from each other.

A 50ish LIfe is where I hope to bring you flattering style trends, shopping suggestions and sites along with new ideas to refresh your existing wardrobe. I welcome suggestions from you and hope you will follow along as we both weave our way through the green lights,  caution signs, and detours that make up our life and style adventures.

Stay tuned.

It's going to be a great ride.



  1. Love this! So impressed with what you've already done with Blogger, and loving the content! You have style with a capital S and I always come home from visiting with you, with a fresh dose of inspiration to take a new look at what I'm putting together - fashion, home, all of it. Love this!

  2. Love this idea and Love this awesome photo, all so Beautiful!!! Looking forward to this!

  3. New bloglovin follower! Not yet 50, but I love the classic lines you feature! And, I love Nordstrom! Love your pins!